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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kids Books To Look For In 2012 - First Quarter


Alienation: A C.H.A.O.S. Novel
Written by Jon S. Lewis
Official Website
Publisher Website

Hey, new Jon Lewis! And I've got the inside line on this one to boot. Everything's coming up Milhouse!

The Rook
Written by Dan O'Malley
Official Site

Got to get on this guy, quick! Non-Children's/YA category be damned!

Archvillain #2: Mad Mask
Written by Barry Lyga
Scholastic (pg. 88)
Wired Geek Dad

The Zombie Chasers #3
by John Kloepfer
HarperCollins/MI (pg. 15)

The One And Only Ivan
by Katherine Applegate
HarperCollins/KX (pg. 17)

The Cabinet of Earths
by Anne Nesbet
HarperCollins/MI (pg. 18)

Genius Files #2
by Dan Gutman
HarperCollins/MI (pg. 36)

The Amazing Adventures of John Smith, Jr. AKA Houdini
by Peter Johnson
HarperCollins/PG (pg. 42)

The Survivors
by Will Weaver
HarperTeen/PG (pg. 53)
"Gary Paulsen for teens."

by Barbara Wright
Random House (pg. 11 of MG)

Glory Be
by Augusta Scattergood
Scholastic (pg. 44)

The Crowfield Curse
by Pat Walsh
Chicken House (Scholastic pg. 68)
2nd on in Feb

Scholastic (pg. 153)
OGN from author of 'malice' and ' havoc'...chris wooding


The Fourth Stall Part II
by Chris Rylander
Author Site
Book Trailer

Yup yup!

Cold Cereal
Written by Adam Rex
Balzer + Bray (HarperCollins pg. 37)
Author Website

Same Sun Here
by Silas House and Neela Vaswani
Candlewick Press

Two authors, two voices historical novel that seems to be getting early buzz.

Above World
by Jenn Reese
Candlewick Press

First time sci-fi novel with ocean-based world building. Could be fun.

Farmer Boy Goes West
Written by Heather Williams
Author Website
HarperCollins/TW (pg. 33)

Fictionalization of Almanzo Wilder – AKA Laura Ingalls' husband.

Samurai Kids: Monkey Fist
by Sandy Fussell
Candlewick Press Paperback
Already out from Walker Books in Australia

Could be cool adventure series-type project.

The Children And The Wolves
by Adam Rapp
Candlewick Press

New YA from Rapp where two teens are holding a four-year-old girl hostage. Shades of "Cage Variations" maybe.

The Secret Journeys of Jack London, Book Two: The Sea Wolves
Written by Christopher Golden
HarperCollins/BX (pg. 61)
28th - paperback of 1 same day

Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities
Written by Mike Jung
Scholastic (pg. 75)

Write up says bro blogs. Ah, here it is!

girl parts
by John M. Cusick
Candlewick Press Paperback

Already in hardcover, but has a good automaton premise for a YA book.

The Chronicles of Avantia #1: First Hero
by Adam Blade
Scholastic (pg. 61)...see also pg. 123 for "Beast Quest" series

Kindred Spirits
by Patricia MacLachlan
Katherine Teagan Books (HarperCollins pg. 41)

The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: Book III
by Maryrose Wood
Balzer + Bray (HarperCollins pg. 58)

The Midnight Tunnel or The Mastermind Plot
by Angie Frazier
Scholastic pg. 48 & 49
Feb, then March


Dogs of War
Written by Sheila Keenan, Drawn by Nathan Fox
Scholastic (pg. 152)

Nathan Fox OGN!

If Only
Written by Carole Geithner
Scholastic (pg. 75)

Former Social Worker. Good cover.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again
by Frank Cottrell Boyce
Candlewick Press
Official Site

Wow. I hadn't realized Ian Fleming wrote the original, but that makes a far after sequel make so much more sense. The writer here also wrote the novel that became "Millions" which was a movie I really liked from Danny Boyle.

Written by Barry Wolverton
Walden Pond Press (HarperCollins pg. 75)

Knows Anne. Has Puffins.

Letters To Leo
by Amy Hest
Candlewick Press

Quirky early Middle Grade. Writer won the Horn Book Award. Who knows?

Written by Carl Hiaasen
Knopf Books (Random House pg. 10 MG)

A test to see how quickly I can go big?

Storm Runners #3: Eruption
by Roland Smith
Scholastic (pg. 66 & 67)

The Grave Robber's Apprentice
by Allan Stratton
HarperCollins/TW (pg. 63)

Forgive Me, I Meant To Do It – False Apology Poems
by Gail Carson Levine
HarperCollins/MI (pg. 59)

Ruby Redfort: Look Into My Eyes
by Lauren Child
Candlewick Press
Spinoff mystery series where we've heard of the titular heroine in the Clarie Bean books. I love stuff like that. -- paperback!


Written by Marissa Burt
HarperCollins/TW (pg. 76)

Smart looking book fantasy. Blog Hype.

Tollins 2: Dynamite Tales
Written by Conn Iggulden
HarperCollins/PG (pg. 74)

Dude wrote "The Dangerous Book For Boys" though I'm not 100% on the gig with this project.

Riley Mack and the Other Known Troublemakers
Written by Chris Grabenstein
HarperCollins/MI (pg. 77)

Knowing kid mystery series launch.

The Dunderheads Behind Bars
by Paul Fleischman, illustrated by David Roberts
Candlewick Press

Picture book sequel that looks like it has a lot going for it. Paperback version of book one set for February. Blog Hype for the whole Candlewick season.

The Obsidian Blade
by Pete Hautman
Candlewick Press
Author Website

New sci-fi trilogy from Pete Hautman! -- Cross reference w Scholastic pg. 91

The Shark King
by R. Kikuo Johnson
TOON Books at Candlewick Press

Yeah, buddy. Whoa yeah.

Herbert's Wormhole: The Rise and Fall of El Solo Libre
Written by Peter Nelson, Illustrated by Rohitash Rao
HarperCollins/BX (pg. 73)

Cool looking project billed as "sequel to the breakout hit novel-in-cartoons." Sure, I'll eat it.

The Last Apprentice: Grimalkin, the Witch Assassin
Written by Joseph Delaney
GreenWillow Books (HarperCollins pg. 97)

It's a spinoff!

Robot Zombie Frankenstein!
by Annette Simon
Candlewick Press

You had me with the title, picture book.

Countdown (paperback)
by Deborah Wiles
Scholastic (pg. 144)

by Leah Bobet
Scholastic Teen (pg. 90)

Underworlds Series
by Tony Abbott
Scholastic (pg. 124 - 125)

Amelia Bedelia's First Vote
By Herman Parish (Grandson!)
GreenWillow Books (HarperCollins pg. 96)

The Six Crowns: Fire over Swallowhaven
Written and illustrated by Allan Jones and Gary Chalk
GreenWillow Books (HarperCollins pg. 95)

The Princess of Trelian
by Michelle Knudsen
Candlewick Press
Middle Grade fantasy sequel, so who knows?

And because I had some other notes a goin' ---


See You At Harry's
Jo Knowles
Candlewick Press

Heartbreak and trauma for a Middle Schooler in a YA novel. The juxtaposition of those last two makes this of interest.

The Princess of Iowa
by M. Molly Backes
Candlewick Press

Girl who works for story studio! I think I met her once.


Lies, Knies, and Girls in Red Dresses
by Ron Koertge
Candlewick Press

Free-verse poetry retellings of fairy tales as written by Ron. I'll eat it.

Long Lankin
by Lindsey Barraclough
Candlewick Press

Family secrets mystery creepy YA from debut author.

Scream Street: Invasion of the Normals & Attack of the Trolls
by Tommy Donbavand
Candlewick Press Paperback

Latest two releases in a paperback series of creepy Halloween stuff. Duh, I'm interested.


Captain Underpants:


The Infinity Ring – Book 1: A Mutiny in Time
Written by James Dashner, from a concept by Scholastic Press
Official Website

I never read a lot of Scholastic's company-owned, work-for-hire created "39 Clues" books, but their existence fascinates me. Scholastic launching another franchise seems a big deal, and I've been wanting to check out Dashner's Maze Runner trilogy to boot. Announcement story with full list of talent is here.

Patricia MacLachlan Boxcar Prequels


A Wrinkle In Time: The Graphic Novel
Adapted by Hope Larson from the book by Madeleine L'Engle
Amazon Link

I'm obviously super pumped about this as a fan of the book and the talent involved. A no brainer buy which I've already covered on CBR and will likely do more on as the year winds along. More preview art here.


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