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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Comic (Kids) Books

Don't ask me why, but this week my browser has been inundated with images from famous children's books as drawn by indie comic artists. A crossover of my two great loves so rarely presents itself in such an easily blogable manner, but rather than ask too many questions, I'ma just roll with it. Let's start with Matilda!

I just started re-reading Roald Dahl's classic this week, and I was struck by how so many of its passages and images were tattooed on my brain, particularly the above scene and quote, which have been super ably illustrated by comic artist Aaron Renier as a guest strip for the library-centric web comic Unshelved. I highly recommend Renier's two graphic novels for kids Spiral-Bound and The Unsinkable Walker Bean.

And aside from totally nailing Quentin Blake's illustration style in his Matilda strip, Renier does a super slick job of updating part of the story for modern sensibilities with a wink:

Seriously: Check out the full strip.

Next up, courtesy of my buddy Sean T. Collins comes some jaw-dropping illustrations from JRR Tolkien's immortal work The Hobbit from artist Sam Bosma:

Bosma is doing a full series of 12 illustrations from the book which he's posting on his own blog one-by-one along with tons of concept sketches and other material. Go play around there!

Bosma is also turning the final versions over to the blog Picture Book Report which has illustrators of all stripes drawing images from books of all stripes. My personal favorite so far is the 1984 images in this post, I suppose most of you kids book people would be interested in Lucy Knisley's work from Lois Lowry's unbearably boring The Giver:

Ugh. I really enjoy Knisley's comics, but man...even she can't make The Giver look remotely appealing to me. What a waste that that book is forced upon so many middle schoolers.

Last by not least, Heidi MacDonald gathered up some Harry Potter art courtesy of Oz comics artist Skottie Young: